Very few distilleries make their own neutral spirit (96% ethanol). They buy it in from industrial suppliers. When diluted this becomes the base spirit of vodka and gin. We make everything from scratch. Its a lot more investment, time and labour. Taste it, and you will see why its worth the extra effort.

Our neutral spirit is made from non-hybridised organic hard red wheat. We dilute this with ancient bedrock water from the Magaliesburg mountains to make our Bedrock Vodka. This pristine grain spirit forms the base of our flavourful Gins.

Making fine spirits is a lot like cooking. Especially gin. We source top quality ingredients. Our herbs grow right outside our front door. We planted them. Rare, indigenous Rex Union oranges are zested and juiced by us. We use our tangy kumquat marmalade as a botanical. Pink pepper corns come from family trees. African roots are chosen for their warm earthy flavours. Its all about balancing unique flavours, to make a completely satisfying, and distinctive drink.