Mature Malted Spirit

Mature Malted Spirit

We’re well on our way down the whisky road. 30L barrels quietly just lying there, waiting, ever so patiently. In the meantime we are releasing some early Single Malt bottles that we have called Mature Malt so as not to confuse any potential enthusiasts. These...


Bottling this version of Complex gin next week.  Light wood, almond and vanilla, together with all or the original botanicals.  The first batch will be a limited edition of 100 bottles.  It is best served over ice, or with soda and tonic.

REX – Rex Union orange aperitif

We are delighted to be back, distilling, and preparing new orders.  Its been a long cold winter so far.  Very exciting new, pure artisanal Colab project on the way, with young Sin Tax maestro, Julian Short. The first of these is ‘REX’, an aperitif, best drunk over ice...