Classic G&T

Classic G&T

A hard to beat traditional thirst quencher.

Use a large glass. Pour single or double shot over ice.
Top up with good quality Indian tonic (2 – 3 parts tonic to 1 part gin).

For a longer drink

a 4 – 1 ratio will still have plenty of the gin’s flavours.

Garnish Complex gin with a slice of lime, green apple, mint or lemon balm.
A stick of rhubarb or celery also works well.

Get creative, but don’t add too much that will mask the gin flavours.

  1. A dry variation – Half tonic and half soda
  2. Try Union gin with half a slice of ruby grapefruit, twisted orange zest, a kumquat, juniper berries, or pink pepper corns.
  3. Kombucha option – Complex gin goes well with cloudy apple kombucha. Union gin is good with lemon, ginger and turmeric kombucha.
  4. Try a Pink one. – Complex with Rose & cucumber. Union with Grapefruit tonic.
Martini and Martinez

Martini and Martinez


Chill a small wine, wide champagne, or martini glass
25ml Union gin
15ml Vermouth (Noily Prat, Caperitif)
Stir and add green olive

  • Dirty Martini – add half a teaspoon of salty olive brine, slowly to taste

50ml Union or Complex Gin
25ml Rosso sweet Vermouth
6ml dry Vermouth (optional)
6ml Rex Aperitif or Triple Sec / Cointreau
1 dash Angostura bitters
Orange zest garnish

Classic Gimlet & Berry Gimlet

Classic Gimlet & Berry Gimlet

Classic Gimlet

same chilled glass as Martini
50ml Union Gin
15ml fresh lime juice
10ml simple syrup
Shake & pour over ice
(10ml Roses lime cordial, an alternative to the lime and syrup)

Berry Gimlet
25ml Complex Gin
50ml salted strawberry and sour cherry cordial.
Season with a dash of balsamic, squeeze of lemon, splash of kombucha.


For a Negroni Cocktail

25ml Complex gin
25ml Campari
25ml dry French Vermouth – Noilly Prat or sweet Italian – Dolin, Carpano
Great colour mix with orange zest garnish