Bottling this version of Complex gin next week.  Light wood, almond and vanilla, together with all or the original botanicals.  The first batch will be a limited edition of 100 bottles.  It is best served over ice, or with soda and tonic.

REX – Rex Union orange aperitif

We are delighted to be back, distilling, and preparing new orders.  Its been a long cold winter so far.  Very exciting new, pure artisanal Colab project on the way, with young Sin Tax maestro, Julian Short. The first of these is ‘REX’, an aperitif, best drunk over ice or with soda and tonic.  Should be bottling next week, and going to market the week after.  We kept our arrangement with the orange farmer and took a ton of oranges which we juiced and zested.  Hence this spirit which is blended with our long macerated kumquats.

Classic G&T

Classic G&T

A hard to beat traditional thirst quencher.

Use a large glass. Pour single or double shot over ice.
Top up with good quality Indian tonic (2 – 3 parts tonic to 1 part gin).

For a longer drink

a 4 – 1 ratio will still have plenty of the gin’s flavours.

Garnish Complex gin with a slice of lime, green apple, mint or lemon balm.
A stick of rhubarb or celery also works well.

Get creative, but don’t add too much that will mask the gin flavours.

  1. A dry variation – Half tonic and half soda
  2. Try Union gin with half a slice of ruby grapefruit, twisted orange zest, a kumquat, juniper berries, or pink pepper corns.
  3. Kombucha option – Complex gin goes well with cloudy apple kombucha. Union gin is good with lemon, ginger and turmeric kombucha.
  4. Try a Pink one. – Complex with Rose & cucumber. Union with Grapefruit tonic.
Martini and Martinez

Martini and Martinez


Chill a small wine, wide champagne, or martini glass
25ml Union gin
15ml Vermouth (Noily Prat, Caperitif)
Stir and add green olive

  • Dirty Martini – add half a teaspoon of salty olive brine, slowly to taste

50ml Union or Complex Gin
25ml Rosso sweet Vermouth
6ml dry Vermouth (optional)
6ml Triple Sec or Cointreau
1 dash Angostura bitters
Orange zest garnish

Classic Gimlet & Berry Gimlet

Classic Gimlet & Berry Gimlet

Classic Gimlet

same chilled glass as Martini
50ml Union Gin
15ml fresh lime juice
10ml simple syrup
Shake & pour over ice
(10ml Roses lime cordial, an alternative to the lime and syrup)

Berry Gimlet
25ml Complex Gin
50ml salted strawberry and sour cherry cordial.
Season with a dash of balsamic, squeeze of lemon, splash of kombucha.


For a Negroni Cocktail

25ml Complex gin
25ml Campari
25ml dry French Vermouth – Noilly Prat or sweet Italian – Dolin, Carpano
Great colour mix with orange zest garnish